Friday, April 10, 2009

Hip-T - So cool!

During the Ultimate Blog Party I found some new blog "friends" that I have starting following on their blogs.  One of these new finds is Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.  Can you guess she has 3 boys like I do?  If you caught on to that you are one smart chick (or dude for the handful of guys that may be reading my blog - bless you!).  But to those few guys, the rest of this post may not be worth your read unless you want to pass on a really cool clothing accessory to your significant other.

Click on over to Lisa's blog where she is having multiple giveaways to celebrate her one year blogging anniversary.  Since I've been blogging for over 3 years now and have never done a giveaway this is my treat to you - I am sharing the wealth.  So you can't say I never gave you anything!

I love the Hip-T product that I have linked to.  It is such a fantastic solution to shirts that aren't quite long enough or if you want the layered shirt look without the bulk and extra insulation that two shirts create.  Brilliant!  I could easily purchase all of the styles, but hopefully I will win one and get hooked and go back for more.  

You can win one too.  Here a a few ways.  Click over to Lisa's blog at the link above and enter her contest which she also gives you multiple chances to enter.  Also on the Hip-T site there is a weekly giveaway.  Click here for details.  

I'm signed up, are you?

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  1. okay, I am sooooo making these for waaaaay less than they are charging! great idea!


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