Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Worst show and tell - ever.

Back when I was a kid in elementary school I vividly recall having show and tell.  It was the highlight of the week.  

I remember one in particular that had a theme of the smallest show and tell item.  I decided to start a collection in my clear zip lock baggie.  In it I put a paperclip, a tiny rubber band, a toothpick among other items and the smallest grape I had ever seen.  Looking back on this it was kind of dumb, but I clearly remember doing it.

I never wanted to bring something normal, but it had to be unusual and stand out.  I wanted that wow-factor that would have people talking.  One time I even got permission to bring my dog for show and tell.  That was a good one.

But I will never be able to top the one show and tell that sticks out in my mind and is very disturbing.  There was a boy in my 1st grade class who had been out sick for the week.  When he came back to school we found out that he had to get his tonsils out.  And wouldn't you know it - he brought the grossest show and tell to class upon his return.  Yep, his tonsils.  He sure knew how to impress the ladies.  

Do you have any show and tell memories from your childhood or your kids?  I'd love to hear them. 

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