Saturday, January 31, 2009

Answers revealed

Thanks to Amy and FC for playing along with my blog version of Mad Gab.  You guys did really good - I am impressed.  The only 2 that were not guessed were:

#5 - Use Header Moth Fuel
#7 - Hicks Hits Worsen Whirs

So without further delay, here are the answers:

1) Do you come here often

2) Why didn’t you say so 

3) The more the merrier

4) Life is beautiful

5) You said a mouthful

6) What a strange language

7) It gets worse and worse

8) Ridiculous

9) Use your noodle

10) It’s been good for me 

11) Please be serious 

12) No ifs, ands or buts 

13) If you only knew

14) A round of applause

15) Where do you think you’re going

16) Talk to the hand

17) Have a nice day

18) Thank you

19) All my love

If you still haven't had enough Mad Gab game play you can go to this website and play online.  Have fun!

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