Wednesday, January 07, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.

My blog does not entitle me to any perks except those of you that leave comments which totally makes my day.  What I mean is that I do not have advertising on my blog and I am not contacted by companies to promote their items.  I blog about things that I like, that interest me, and that I am concerned about with no ulterior motive.  I like it this way.

I wanted to clear the air before I went on to talk about some newly discovered items that I am digging.

Let's start with grocery items, shall we?  

Look at this beauty.  Oh, she is so fine.  Black Opal, or as Taylor calls it Black Oprah.  (Not sure how appropriate that comment is, but that's what he thought it said the first time he read the label on the bottle. And now that's what we call it as a nickname.)  I had this for the first time during Thanksgiving, Cabernet Merlot blend.  And yes that is me holding a bottle of it in a moving vehicle, but I was not driving and it was not opened.  The other cool thing about this wine is that it has a twist cap and not a traditional cork.  Don't be alarmed - it's not a cheap wine.  More wines are switching over to the twist cap since corks are porous and can contribute to contamination.  Or so that's what I've heard.  Who knows?  I just know it's easier to unscrew a cap than it is to pull out the wine opener and uncork it.  Call me lazy. 

Next on my new items list are bagels.  Not just any kind of bagel, but one's full of goodness.  To be more particular, I am talking about the multi-grain from Dunkin Donuts.  I myself would have never considered trying these.  Normally I am a blueberry, french toast, anything fruity or plain bagel girl.  But, my husband brought them back one morning while traveling and I could either starve or eat a multi-grain bagel.  Thankfully I choose to eat because it was so tasty and it filled me up.  Why didn't I try these sooner?  It just goes to show you can't judge something unless you've tried it first.  I am so much more open minded to trying new foods than I've ever been.  Also I purchased 'everything' bagels made by Thomas.  These are wonderful as well.  I never thought I would eat something with a taste of onion and garlic in it for breakfast.  Who knew?

Moving on to another category - products for me.  Although wine and bagels are nice, I like to find and fall in love with clothes and skin care products. 

Do any of you suffer from chronic dry lips?  I admit, I am raising my hand (really high).  I received a gift of a 4-pack of Buxom Lips lip gloss by Bare Escentuals.  I do not wear and cannot wear lipstick because it dries my lips out so I always have a gloss or tinted lip balm on hand.  But my lips would still end up drying out.  These new lip glosses go on with a shimmer and have a cooling tingling feeling almost like menthol.  It instantly soothes dry chapped lips while making you look pretty too.  The only down side to these would be if you have long hair like myself.  My hair tends to get stuck on my lips.  I generally wear a ponytail when I wear this gloss.  The other selling point is that it lasts a long time unless of course you're using your lips a lot to drink or eat or for some smoochy-smoochy. 

And last on my list are jeans.  Ah, yes the ever so hard to find wonderful fitting pair of jeans.  I had a few items to return at Express.  Generally I don't shop there because their prices are ridiculously high, the styles are turning ridiculous (or I'm just getting older), and the music is so stinkin' loud that I can't hear myself think and I end up walking out with a headache.  But I endured the torture and decided to try and find a pair of jeans.  The first pair I picked out and tried on fit me like a glove.  I was amazed.  The rise was perfect, the length was perfect (which is one of the toughest things for me to find since I am a tall), the color was great, and the price wasn't as shocking since they were on sale for $20 off the ticket price and I had an additional coupon for 20% off.  The style is called Express Mia bootcut.  Yes, I was doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance in the dressing room - come on the music was loud enough!

Now it's your turn to share with me a life-changing (or just really cool) product you've recently discovered.  I am all about finding new things to love.


  1. I just bought my first pair of Express jeans, too! The Eva - it's for "curvy" girls and when I told the clerk I wanted jeans that did not show my butt when I bent down, these were the ones she showed me. And they are wonderful! Like you, I'd only buy them with a coupon and on sale.

    Twist off wine tops are changing my life, too. So easy. It is b/c the corks rot easily that companies are switching...

  2. I have just fell in love with a new product that I must share. The Schick Intuition razor is awesome. You don't need soap or cream, it is all built in to the razor. Very quick and easy...amazing. You must try it!!

  3. LUCKY! Jeans continue to elude me. I have even tried your favorite and they just weren't quite right. I did get a couple of pairs for Christmas from White House Black Market, that are close to perfect...maybe in a couple of more wears they will be the glove I seek.

  4. Twist off wine caps?? What what say what? I can't open a bottle of wine to save my life, so these would be divine. Must be the more expensive wines doing it because my cheapo favorites (Oliver and Tabor Hill) are not...yet!


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