Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday picture post

I couldn't really title this a "Wordless Wednesday" post today since I have some explaining to do with the picture I posted.  

Obviously, this is a bottle of Heineken beer, which maybe some of you are wishing you had at the moment.  
I have to share a funny story with this particular brand of beer.  We were at my parents house for Carson's birthday party and one of my brothers was drinking a Heineken beer.  My mom looked at it and asked what kind it was.  

She took a look at the bottle and read the label, except this is how she read the label, "Heineken, brewed in Holyland.  Oh, how nice."  My brother (and I) busted out laughing and had to break it to her that it was not in fact brewed in the Holyland, but in Holland.  

Oh my, that was a good one.

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