Thursday, January 08, 2009

The new facial

I think I may be on to a new fad.

For dinner I decided to make a chicken alfredo ravioli dish.  I started by boiling chicken breasts in water.  When they were done I removed the chicken and placed it to the side.  Then I took the pot of hot chicken water to the sink. 

I began to dump the broth into the sink and all the hot steam rose up onto my face. 

I had an instant chicken facial.  Then I did it again but with the ravioli this time.

Dinner and a facial all in one.  

This could catch on you know.


  1. Great idea, coming from a multitasking mom! Next time try the chicken facial, but don't dump the water...cook the ravioli in the chicken broth for a little extra flavor, then do a chicken/ravioli facial. Saves on water too.

  2. Throw in a glass of wine or three and you've got a perfect evening at home!!


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