Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grease and football

This past weekend we celebrated Carson's birthday.  We made a quick trip back to Indiana which amounted to being there for less than 24 hours and it's a 9 hour trip there and back.

Anyhoo - every time we travel my eating habits are terrible.  

Before we left I thought we'd get some breakfast, which is something I normally don't do (except drink coffee), but we were traveling and I needed me some good road food.  

We stopped at Burger King and loaded up on greasy breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and coffee (milk for the kids).  I failed to remember (until after the fact of scarfing down the oil-laden food) that I was meeting a friend and her kids for lunch and a play date at Burger King that afternoon.  Ugh.  

So yet again for lunch I got to indulge myself on more fattening food.  It didn't even taste good at that point.  I should have been a good girl and had a salad, but I didn't.  

That night we had family over at my parent's house for Carson's party and we ordered pizza.  I think I can feel the grease coming out of my pores.  Nasty!

Last night I was tucking the boys in bed and was having a conversation with Taylor.  I asked him if he knew which two teams were playing in the super bowl next weekend.  He didn't know the answer so I decided to give him clues along with some charades.  For the Cardinals I flapped my wings like a bird.  He guessed I was a seagull (I know he was joking, but seriously that would be a funny pro football team name).  Then for the Steelers I pounded my abs and flexed my muscles trying to show him abs of steel.  You know what he guessed?  Abs of jelly.  Grease may have been the better guess, but jelly?!?!  Come on!  He's so grounded. 

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  1. I HIGHLY doubt your belly is anything remotely close to jelly-like. But, funny! Boys so often don't have a filter between what they think and what they say...mine don't yet, anyway.


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