Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is this getting boring yet?

I got a little side tracked with dumbness for awhile, but I am back to answering your burning questions.  I hope this isn't boring you too much.    

Amy (without a blog I presume) asked the following:

What kind of coffee is your favorite, and how do you 'take it'? 

Well, Amy, my first choice in coffee (and what we brew here at home in the good 'ol Bunn) is Dunkin Donuts.  For me nothing has ever come close to beating its taste.  Now, I do like Burger King's coffee (who knew they had decent coffee, you should try it some time) and I also like McDonalds.  I must have both cream (half and half) and sugar in my coffee.  Flavored creamer is ok which I like on occasion, such as holidays. I try to stay away from the strong coffee brewers out there such as Starbucks and whatever coffee Borders bookstore serves.  It's just way too strong for my liking.  But I do like Starbucks 'foo-foo' drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos,  except I normally don't splurge on those unless I have a gift card.  

Another question from another Amy (F.) asks: 

How are you liking Ohio?? I forget which city you are in, but I'm curious how you've adjusted. What do they have there that is awesome and did not have in NW Indiana? And what are you missing that your new town does not have??

Do you like to read? If so, what are some of your favorites??

Yes I do like Ohio and the city we live in because it is a great size community (not too big and not too small) with a new feel to it.  I've got my favorite stores here in town (Marshalls, World Market, Target) and the mall is just a hop skip and a jump over to the next town.

The one thing I love here is my gym - OMG - it is top of the line, awesome!  The group exercise classes are amazing, the instructors are fun and motivating, the equipment is clean and new, and it is big.  Plus my kids love to go there and play.  

As far as food goes I am loving Five Guys.  They have the best burgers and fries.  It's all made fresh to order and they cook their fries in peanut oil which gives them such a wonderful taste.  I am drooling just thinking about them.  

One thing that Ohio doesn't have that I miss a whole heck of a lot is my family and friends.  Sure I am slowing starting to make friends out here, but it's not the same and I still miss my old ones back home.  I have my good days and bad days and I try not to think too much about it, but it is hard.  I still feel like an outsider a lot of the time.  

Moving right along.

No, I do not like to read.  I feel like it's a chore plus I have no time to sit down and do it.  Currently I am in a bible study (Beth Moore - Esther: It's tough being a woman) which is forcing me to sit down and read.  Maybe some day, when the kids stop bothering me for clean clothes and food to eat, then I may be able to enjoy reading.       

That's all for today.  I've got a few more left to answer and I thank those of you who have submitted questions to me.     


  1. this isn't boring at all! in fact, i may borrow this idea for my blog!

    we just got a five guys here and ate there about two weeks ago - YUM! my boys even made up a little jingle for them that they sing all the time...

  2. Thanks for answering my questions. Do you like the current Beth Moore study you're doing? Have you done any of her others?

  3. I'm thrilled to hear that you're liking Ohio.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Five Guys. I've never heard of this place, but I see they're opening a new store about 5 minutes away from my office. Yippee!


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