Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

Have you played along and submitted your guesses yet for my Mad Gab blog version game yet?  There's still time.  I will be posting the answers tomorrow.  So click on over and start talking to yourself in a strange language and see if you can guess the phrases.

Today I am very nervous.  

I've been seeing the same person for the last 6 years and today I am seeing someone new, but I haven't told the other person of the breakup.  I need someone who is accessible and at my disposal.  Someone that I can call, tell them what I need and get satisfaction. 

I am breaking up with my hair stylist.  Gasp!  And it's not something I want to do because I really like her, we get along great and she knows just how to cut my hair.  But there's one slight problem.  She's 250 miles away.  

Today I decided it's time to find a new hair salon that is only 2 miles away.  But I am scared for my hair.  And it's not that I am going to do anything drastic, but I have always been confident with my lady and would let her pretty much do whatever to my hair.  And now I am starting all over.  Pray for me and my hair would ya?  

So here are the before shots with my natural wave hair.  And if the 'after' hair is any good I will be back with an update and pictures.  If not, you can assume the worst.   

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  1. I have a girl that cuts my hair out of her house that lives not too far from you here in Avon. it is not the salon feel so if that is what you are looking for, she is not the right person to cut your hair. She is pretty cheap which is what I like. let me know if you want her name and # two of my other friends are now going to her too. can't wait to see your new hair. Later, Laura
    ps. i hope the boys (Brad and the other guys) behaved themselves tonight!!!


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