Monday, January 19, 2009

A mighty 300

Today's entry marks my 300th post.  


That is a lot in my opinion.  

There is no giveaway or exciting contest, which is nothing new.  

And I hope you're not expecting anything riveting.  That is not my style, which I am sure you know that by now.  I lean on the side of humor and light heartedness.  That is what fits me best.  The true me.

So I have had a few questions start to come in since my original request, which btw, makes me very happy.  If you haven't done so yet, what are you waiting for?  Ask me a question, any question.  What do you want to know about me?  I can't guarantee an exciting response, but I can guarantee an honest one.  

So let's jump right in.  The first question comes from Nicole at Here's the Diehl.  She's got a great blog and 3 cute boys (like me!) so go check her out and let her know you visited.  Every time I say the phrase "here's the deal" I think of her.  It gives the phrase a whole new meaning.  She asked:

1. Assuming you use your kids' real names on the blog: how did you choose their names? I played this game on my blog a while ago and it was fun.

Great question Nicole!  And yes, I use their real names just like you do.

First in line is Taylor Austin.  Is that not a rock star name or what?!  Honestly, I feel bad, but there is no story behind his name.  I have always liked the name Taylor and regardless of if we were having a boy or girl, that was the name we were set on.  And Austin was again, another name that we liked, plus at one time both my parents lived in Austin, Texas.  So there is some meaning behind the name.  One of his nicknames is Taylor-bug 

Next up is Carson Lee.  The name Carson, again, has no particular significance.  It was a name that had a good sound to it.  His middle name, Lee, is my dad's first name, shortened (it's actually Leland).  I think his name sounds like a professional football player.  Bears, Browns, Patriots, or Colts - there may be some potential there.  Some of his nicknames are Cars, which is perfect since that is his favorite movie to watch and he always plays with matchbox cars too.  My dad came up with a cute nickname when Carson was younger which is Carsonova.  This was during his crush-on-girls phase which has since been long gone and I don't see it coming back for quite awhile.  Fine with me!  I can wait for the teen-love stage.  

And last, but certainly not least, is Luke Charles.  I was not sold on the name Luke, which was my husbands' choice.  I wanted to name him Parker, but I let hubby have his way, which I am very happy with now.  I love how it has a biblical tie to it.  And the middle name was a no-brainer.  Both my dad and Jason's dad's middle name is Charles, so of course we had to carry on that tradition.  Some of Luke's nicknames are Lukey, Lukester, and Lukeman.  And it's always fun to say the Star Wars phrase, "Luke, I am your father!"

When you put all the boys first initials together (in the wrong order, but that's okay) you come up with TLC.  I love how that worked out.  Otherwise it would have been TCP. 

Nicole went on to also ask:

2. I hate to work out, and you love it. Can we still be blog friends?

Absolutely!  I will be friends with anyone regardless of their working out habits or lack thereof.  I think it's great if you can find a hobby that you love and are passionate about it and give it your all.  The gym and I are good buddies and we have a healthy relationship - excuse the ridiculous pun (I get that from my dad).  I hope my passion for exercise can rub off on others that are looking to make it a part of their lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more answers to your great questions.  This is really fun!  Thanks so much for playing along.  And keep 'em coming!  

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  1. hooray! thanks for answering my questions :)

    and i love your boys' names, by the way!


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