Friday, January 23, 2009

The interview you've been waiting for.

Today I have the privilege of being interviewed by the ever-so talented and witty Jenny at Chased by Children.  When you're done reading my responses, click on over to her blog where she has graciously answered my interview questions.  

Shall we begin?

Jenny first asks:

1.   Lynette, you've been blogging for a while now. What got you started and what keeps you going?  Is it tough to find material in Ohio?  I've been to Ohio.  It seems like it would be very tough.

I guess I have been blogging for awhile.  I had to look back to see when I started, which was February 2006 - almost 3 years ago.  So much has transpired in those 3 years and the antics of my children are what inspired me to start my blog.  I had a new baby when I began, a rambunctious toddler who loved to climb in the microwave and do other naughty things, and the oldest that has to endure the torture of having younger brothers.  These boys provide me with my daily dose of humor and love.  How could I not want to share that with the blogosphere?

And are you dissin’ Ohio?  It’s got about the same essence of excitement as Indiana - it’s a close comparison.  I guess it doesn’t matter where I’m at though.  As long as the family is with me, there’s bound to be blog material around every corner.  


2.  Taylor's hamster recently had babies.  WHAT THE HECK?  How are you keeping from being completely grossed out by having two (TWO) and now you have baby rodents?!?  I'm hoping you are just making it all up for the blog's sake.


I was being totally serious.  They are the cutest things!  I guess it helps that I had gerbils and hamsters when I was a kid.  I will have a post tomorrow with pictures too, just for you Jenny.  Adoptions will be taking place in the next 3 weeks, but I’ll go ahead and put you down for 3, one for each of your princesses.  You can thank me later.

3.  Recently you posted about the Brilliance of the Snuggie.  My daughters are completely obsessed with this commercial.  They also think it is a brilliant idea.  Are the four of you plotting together to make my brain explode?  Because I just don't get it.  How is it so different than wearing your robe backwards?


That’s a great idea.  You just saved me $19.95.  I’m going to start wearing my robe backwards. Do you think my husband will wonder what’s wrong with me?  Then again, I've done some other wacky and dumb things and he's still sticking around.

4.  After the first three questions, are you sorry you agreed to be interviewed by me?

Absolutely not.  You’re a funny gal - I am loving your questions so far - no regrets here!


5.  You have three boys, and I have three girls.  Given what's just happened with the hamsters at your house can you tell me (in percentages) how likely it is that I will ever let them sleep over at your house?

I think you just crossed the line.  You’re fired - 100%.


  1. I don't know how to tell you cannot fire me. My self-esteem is too wrapped up in what I do. It wouldn't end well. So please give me another chance.

  2. Okay Jenny - you're not really fired, I guess I could give you another chance because you crack me up. I know you were just playing. We're good.


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