Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recipe question

Today I am continuing my response to the questions I have been asked the past few days.  Do you still have some burning questions for me?  Send them my way!  

Today's question comes from Jewel (most likely not the actual singer) at Sleepless in Wisc and she asks:
HI! I know that part of your world is known for certain cooking methods or regional favorites. What are those favorites? and please share those recipes with all. 

This is a funny question because cooking and I don't have the best relationship.  I fight it all the time.  To me it's a chore that I don't like to do even though it's necessary if I want our family to survive.  I would rather clean the house from top to bottom than cook dinner.  Sad I know.
This is also kind of a tough question because, first off, I live in Ohio and have only been here a short while, so I do not know of many regional favorites.  Although, I hear clambakes are pretty popular.  I am still not sure what a clam bake consists of, but I am guessing clams may be the main ingredient.  (You didn't know I was so smart, did you?)  And I prefer not to eat clams, sorry.  

Ohio is also known for the cookie/candy called a Buckeye.  I made these for Christmas this year and learned the hard way that you should never skimp on calories by using reduced fat peanut butter.  They do not turn out nearly as good.  Always use the regular (fat loaded) creamy peanut butter.  Here is a link to a similar recipe I use.  

I am originally from NW Indiana, but I can't really think of what that region is known for as far as food or cooking styles go. (Sorry Jewel, I'm not doing too well on your question!)  When most people think of Indiana they may think of corn.  And the area I am from is known for popcorn where we even have a festival to celebrate it.  My family loves to make popcorn on the stove and recently I have enjoyed making kettle corn which has a sweet and salty mix to it.     

There you have it.  Buckeyes and popcorn.  Now all you need to add to that mix is a movie and drink.  Enjoy!

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