Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning style

Choose one; verbal or visual.  

Which one did you pick?

You may be wondering what I am referring to.  And let me just reassure everyone that this is a G-rated blog, so get your mind out of the gutter.  

If you had to choose your preferred learning method would you choose the verbal learning approach where you prefer to hear or read information and things are explained with words, or would you choose the visual learning approach where you prefer pictures and graphs or charts for visual representations of information. 

Just curious.

I think I am a little of both, but with more of an emphasis on the visual side.  

For example, I am horrible with remembering peoples names when I am first introduced to them.  When they tell me their name I have to repeat it over and over again in my head in order to remember it.  If they continue talking to me, chances are I will have no idea what they are saying because all I am hearing is myself repeat their name in my head.  It's really bad.

But, if they are wearing a name tag, I can continually glance at it during the conversation and retain that knowledge more readily while actually participating in the dialogue.  

This doesn't apply only to memorizing peoples' names but also other areas of my life.  

Another example would be light switches.  In my house there are many light switches.  Some of them control the same light, but are on opposite sides of the room (it's a stupid design if you ask me), where there are others that I have no idea what they turn on and off.  With so many switches I get confused.  

Inside the laundry room are the ones I've been having the most trouble with.  There are three in a row.  One for the outdoor lights on the garage, one for the indoor lights inside the garage, and one for inside the laundry room.  It would seem easy enough to be able to figure out which switch does what, but I am constantly turning the wrong ones on and off.  The neighbors must think I am sending them Morse code signals with all the flashing going on at night.  

I took matters into my own hands (without telling any of my family members) and came up with a solution.  I wanted to be discreet enough but yet still be able to have the visual help and it really is working.  Soon I may be able to pull out my magic eraser and go back to graffiti-less light switches.  

Carson yelled from the laundry room, "Mom, why do the lights spell GO?"  He caught me, but then again not much gets past that boy.  And my husband politely asked me not to write on the house because it looks dumb.  I must agree, but at least we won't have the police show up due to my code signals being sent out.  That's got to be worth the permanent marker writings.


  1. You are killing me. I am visual all the way. I used a label maker and labeled the light switches in several places in my house. I'm not embarassed. much.

    BTW, I gave you an award to tempt you over there....will it work?

  2. I'm exactly like you. I just use sticky notes instead. :)


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