Sunday, December 14, 2008

I should have read the sign

I went to the gym the other night and decided since hubby was out of town I would spend some extra time there and get in some upper body strength training and run on the indoor track before my step class.  

The boys (actually Taylor in particular) wasn't thrilled about the extra 45 minutes we'd be there, but he would have to survive and deal with it.  

I am your typical group exercise addict and don't usually venture out to the machines unless I have some extra time on my hands.  The gym I go to has a huge assortment of machines and equipment.  Some of which I was familiar with and others not so much.  But really how hard could it be?  There were signs posted on each piece of equipment with a picture of what you should be doing.  And I've got some experience, so I thought.   

I sat down at this one machine that works your back and abs.  It resembled the one in this picture.  At my old gym we had a similar one where you sat with the bar across your chest and crunched down.  Apparently, this was not the same machine.  How do I know that?  Because when I sat down and tried to push the bar down it wasn't moving.  I adjusted the weight stack and tried again.  Nothing.  So, I decided to look at the picture and wouldn't you know, I was sitting the wrong way.  The bar was supposed to be behind my back (not chest) and I was supposed to be pushing back against it not forward.  No wonder it felt strange.  I was embarrassed because this particular machine sits about 10 feet away from the personal training desk where 6 trainers were standing around.  I am sure they noticed my lack of equipment knowledge not to mention my unique way to use the workout machines.  

I think I'll retreat back to what I know.  There aren't many ways to mishandle a step.


  1. The thing that gets me... 6 trainers stood and watched you use the machine the wrong way!

  2. Yeah, if there were trainers nearby, then should have stepped up!
    I'm machine-challenged, too. lol
    I LOVE the group classes and would do them every single day if I could.
    I do Jazzercise now and love it. (except when we do circuit;)
    I'd love to work out w/ you some time!


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