Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A doggie update

Things are starting to settle in pretty good with the new dog.  Thankfully.  

The first day I had that strange sensation in my stomach - the kind that makes you wonder if you made the right decision.  Because honestly, having a new dog is similar to having another child.  I didn't say the same, I said similar.  Believe me, I am not one of those wackos that compares having animals to having kids.  Huge difference.  And since I am a mom I can point that out very clearly.

But my point is that you have to get used to the new routine and constantly keep an eye on the dog to figure out how it is going to behave, and watch for its signs that they have to pee, etc.  I was happy with one dog, yes that is true.  But a part of me just wasn't satisfied, hence the weekly trips to numerous animal shelters since we moved to Ohio back in the summer.  It was a part of our weekly routine, but I would call it 'visiting the dogs' and not admit to finding a new dog to take home and become part of our family because I didn't think that would actually happen.  It had to be the perfect fit.  I guess having that mind set made me not settle for just any dog because I could have easily done that.  It took me 6 months to find my beagle and when I laid eyes on him I just knew he was the one.  

We took him out of the kennel and played with him and tried to get to know him.  All the while in the adoption play room he would keep wanting to get on my lap.  When he got up he would put his front paws on my shoulders and nuzzle his nose under my hair like he was giving me a hug.  Then he would look at me with those sweet brown puppy dog eyes and burp.  I kid you not.  This dog burps.  It's very comical.  Carmen the burping beagle.  

When we got him on Monday I had him with me outside when Carson got home from school.  Carson looked at the dog and said, "Who is that?"  

I told him it was our new dog.  

Then he asked in his normal voice, "Did Sasha die already?"  

"Uh, no." I replied. 

"Then why do we have two dogs?" he asked.  And at least 5 times a day he continues to ask me that question.  I think my husband secretly put him up to it.  I am sure he's asking the same thing.  But not me.  I love having two dogs especially two that don't mind each other and that are so lovable.  

We're still working on getting the dog's name straight.  Yesterday I went through three names before I got it right.  "Sasha, Carter, Carson, no Carmen!"  Luke keeps coming up to me and asking, "Now, what's that dog's name?"  If the dog was younger I would consider changing its name, but he's already 3 years old and knows his name.  I just wish it didn't sound like Carson's name.  They both come running when I call either of them. Oh well.    

Today will be the first time that Carmen will be left alone in the house.  I am going to use the crate, but I have a feeling he is not going to like it.  I set it up yesterday and tried to coerce him to enter it but only on his terms so that I don't freak him out.  He walked in, got the treat I threw in, and walked right back out.  But today I have no choice.  I am crossing my fingers that it goes well.  Wish me luck! 


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  2. Wow, I'm behind. The dog is cute but the son pictures are cuter. I hope he's better! Oh, and I hope the crating went well...Did it?

    I can't help with ANY training ideas, as I've never had a dog but I'm considering getting one in the spring. Yikes! I can't believe i just typed that...

  3. I'll be following the dog saga very closely. We're casually considering a dog for the family, but its a huge commitment.

    You might just convince me...


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