Monday, February 16, 2009

Kids Sayings - I've lost count.

I have done so many posts about the funny things my kids say that I have lost count.  So without further ado, I bring you the next installment.  Enjoy.

It was one of the first warmer days after the snow melted a week ago and I took Luke outside to ride his scooter.  He took a deep breath and said in a very excited voice, "Mom, do you smell the world?"

After a few 50 degree days last week all the snow melted.  Then a few days later it started to snow again.  We drove past a pond and I pointed to some geese that were in the water.  Carson asked, "Are they skating?"

The other day we were driving in the van (keep in mind that the month is February).  Carson asked if I would turn on the Christmas music.  I told him that I didn't have any.  He replied, "Yes you do, just push that snowflake button."  He was referring to the air conditioning button that he thought would play Christmas music if you push it.  LOL!  Now I don't feel so silly about what I thought that button was for back when we first got the van. 

We have one of those GPS navigational guides and sometimes it's hard to understand the words that it says.  It will slur and combine words when there should be enunciation.  We were on the interstate and the GPS announced for us to "take ramp ahead."  Luke started cracking up and we couldn't understand what was so funny.  GPS lady said it again and Luke laughed even harder and said, "take Grandpa head."  We realized that "take ramp ahead" sounded just like it was saying "take Grandpa head."  

Luke had a few guitar picks in his hands and came up to show me.  He said, "Look Mom!  I've got pickers!" 

Luke language:
prayers = purrs
piano = pwano
envelope = enemote

I am currently doing a bible study by Beth Moore called Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman.  I taped a copy of the schedule by the rest of our schedules which includes the kids school calendars and my gym work-out class schedule.  Taylor was looking at it one day and started laughing.  I asked him what was so funny and he thought it was funny that my workout classes at the gym were given funny titles.  Little did he know, he was reading my bible study outline.  Here are some of the titles:
  • A Royal Mess
  • A Contest for a Queen
  • A Raging Passion for Honor
  • If You Remain Silent
  • What Goes Around
  • Where is the Man? 
  • The Right to be Ready
I guess I can see how it could be confused for aerobic classes.  I especially thought the "Where is the Man?" was a funny one because it's sort of true.  Not many men take cardio classes.  


  1. I love these posts, Lynette! Its an adorable way to look back and remember the great quotes our kids come up with.

    I still remember when my 13 year old bonus-daughter was 4 years old, she had a favorite pair of footie pajamas that she wanted to wear every day. They were too small, so she waddled when she wore them. We called them her "penguin pajamas" which she pronounced as "pendulum pajamas."

    We still hassle her about it...

  2. "Do you smell the world?"

    That just about melted my heart! So sweet. :)


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