Saturday, February 28, 2009

More kid stories

Kid stories - aren't they the best?  Their innocent remarks and questions make me smile.  That is why I have to document them and save them so I can always remember how sweet they were as kids.  I will be re-reading these stories many times throughout their teenage years to remind myself of the smiles and joy they brought to me before the hormones came around.

I made Carson a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and sat down to join him.  As he was eating he was looking at the sandwich and I could tell there was some pondering going on in his little head.  He looks up at me and and asks, "Do you know where peanut butter comes from?"  And before I could answer he responds, "from peanuts."

"Yes, Carson very good." I say.

"And the jelly comes from jelly beans." he continued.

"No, guess again." I reply.

"Jelly fish?" he questioned.  "No, it comes from grapes.  Now what about the bread, where does that come from Carson?"


Luke has started this new thing with me.  Whenever I drop him off at school or the child care at the gym he will wave at me and give me a wink with his eye.  Lately, he's also been doing it at home.  So in response I have been doing it back to him, but when I wink I always do it with my right eye, habit I guess.  This apparently isn't the way to do it because he gets frustrated with me and says, "No mom - the other eye."  

I am usually pretty good at giving the kids time updates for when we have to do something.  For example, I will tell them they have 5 more minutes until it's time to clean up for dinner.  Carson is starting to understand the concept of time, but not always.  I have found him asking me if that means there is a lot of time left.  

The other day I said to the boys that we will be leaving for the gym in one hour.  (I don't know why I felt like I had to give that far in advance of a reminder, but any-hoo...)  Carson asked, "Is that a long time?"  And in response I put it in terms that a 6 year old could relate to.  I said one hour is as long as it would take you to watch 2 Spongebob episodes.  He understood.

I started the boys bath and went downstairs to finish up some laundry.  I told the kids to get in the bath and I would be right up.  They listened alright, but when I came back up to see what all the laughing was about I see them in the bath with their swim trunks on.  Carson looked at me and asked, "Are you going to blog about this?"


  1. Ha! Are you going to blog about this! TOO FUNNY. Loved the Spongebob time tip too.

  2. Love these!! I used to babysit for a family and the dad would always put money into those kind of terms (your Spongebob time clock)... "A trip to Disney World would cost 1000 candy bars"


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