Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have been enjoying looking back and reading older posts on my blog.  I also found this really cool speech feedback tool on my macbook.  If you highlight any text and click the appropriate key it will read it aloud to you.  The boys, especially Carson, were getting a kick out of some of the old stories of things they had done when they were younger.  

Carson saw the pictures of when he was 2 years old and had climbed halfway into the microwave.  I highlighted the story and played it out loud.  After he heard it, I asked him if he remembered doing that.  And he said no.  

This blog has been great for keeping track of those special and unforgettable moments.  I am so grateful that I started this.  And it's all thanks to Beth

Here is a post that I completely forgot about, but made me laugh out loud.  Kids are the best comic relief.    

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