Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart day

Yep, today is Valentine's Day or ValentiMe's Day if you ask my two younger boys.  

This morning I got up while the boys were still sleeping and placed their gifts in a row like I do every year.  But for breakfast I thought I'd try my hand at being creative.  Instead of making regular old pancakes I threw in a twist and made them heart shaped by doing it freehand.  Don't get too excited - they looked a bit squished, but it's the thought that counts.  The look on the boys faces was really cute and that was all I needed to see. 

I was a good girl and made myself eggs and a bagel.  Now we're off to the gym.  Such grand plans, eh?  

The rest of the day is open.  The kids will probably go outside and play in the snow, which is a huge difference from a few days ago when they had on t-shirts and were riding their bikes in the 60 degree weather.  

Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

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