Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm a random type of girl

I have all of these random thoughts and topics in my head.  That's nothing new.  But when I go to make an actual post out of them they go nowhere - hence - a random post.  Enjoy the bullets.

  • I don't know about you, but I am glad that American Idol is back to one-hour episodes.  Being on eastern time has us staying up later than usual anyway, and add to it a 2 hour show - well it doesn't go so well with sleepy little boys.  

  • This house has too many matchbox cars. Carson had them all nicely lined up by the front door, then they somehow got scattered, but I won't name a particular little brother's name.  I didn't bother cleaning them up before bed.  I figured if a burglar were to break into our house through the front door, our matchbox cars would provide a good security system or at least buy us enough time to call the police while he is lying flat on his back.

  • I never completely finished answering all the questions I was asked a week or so ago.  The last one comes from sscrunner and asks: What is your favorite type of work-out? How many times a week do you work out and for how long? What is your favorite type of red wine?

  • Those are my two favorite topics - wine and working out - what a thoughtful question!  

  • I work out 5 days a week taking Wednesday and Sunday off.  Usually my workouts are for an hour sometimes an hour and a half.  

  • Currently my favorite class is called Turbo Kick.  It has awesome, pumping music which is the key for me and it is choreographed kickboxing with a hint of dance to it.  I seriously want to get certified to teach this class.

  • Red wine - yum!  I've mentioned a new find called Black Opal.  We go through our fair share so I must be conscious of price.  Some good wine at a reasonable price in our wine rotation include, Beach Dogs, Woodbridge, Frontera, Marcus James, Crane Lake and Gallo.  I'm up for any suggestions as I always love trying new wines. 

  • Bagels that are not pre-sliced drive me crazy - call me lazy.

  • In a post last week I mentioned I was going to a new hair stylist, but I never followed up with pictures.  Everything went fine, my hair looks good without any major changes.  I figured it would be pretty boring to post a picture of the way my hair always looks so I didn't.  One thing I didn't like was the cost.  Luckily I had a coupon for a free cut and style otherwise it would have cost me $60!  Yikes!  

  • I am about ready to rip out the carpet in our office and dining room because it's nasty.  I would rather walk around and look at plywood than the stained carpet we currently have.  I shouldn't give myself any ideas - I tend to turn minor projects into major ones.  More on that another day, but it has to do with a fireplace in our first home.  

  • I have already started spring cleaning and by that I mean getting rid of clutter and crap that we have no purpose for.  For example, I have had this box of cords and chargers that half of them I have no clue what they go to.  Why keep something that you have no use for?  So I pitched them.  I went through the kids "art" supplies and downsized there too.  I have been organizing every drawer in the house.  And I also deep cleaned the refrigerator removing every drawer and shelf and washing it down.  It needed it so bad.  Once I get going there is no stopping me.  

  • I can't wait to have a garage sale and unload all the stuff (and make some extra money!)

  • This is getting long and out of control.  

  • Have a wonderful weekend - what are your plans?


  1. I totally have the spring cleaning bug the last two days. I donated a big load of stuff to Salvation Army, and I've started cleaning out cabinets (garlic powder that expired in 2001, anyone?). My kids are wondering what's going on.

  2. Lynette,
    *where did you end up going to get your hair cut?? did you see my comment about the girl i use? I think she charges $15 for a cut which is a steal for around here!!!

    *Feel free to come over to my house and re-organize and spring clean if you run out of rooms!!!

    *I'm trying to remember what else I was going to comment on... i figured I'd follow your lead with the bullets.

    *Are you guys going to Bay this weekend? I guess it is youth Sunday.

    Hope you have a good weekend. ~Laura


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