Monday, February 09, 2009

School pictures

Every year I send out the kids school pictures with our Christmas cards.  This year was no different with the exception of one of the boys.  Luke.  His pre-school waits until February to take school pictures.  Why?  I don't know.  So, I had to send out the cards without Luke's sweet face in them.  I did, however, include a little piece of paper explaining why there were only two of the three boys pictures included.

So now it's February.  I had taken Luke to get his hair trimmed a week or so before picture day.  He was all cute and ready to be photographed.  And then the morning of picture day, he wakes up with a fever and can't go to school.  

No problem.  I figured we'd just have it done on retake day, but when I called the school to let them know, I was informed that today is the only day to get pictures taken.  There are no retakes.  



So now I am stuck with having to get them done on my own.  I wonder if any of these would work?

I guess I'll start looking around for some good deals.  Any suggestions?  


  1. I love them all!!!! It would be impossible to pick just one adorable photo of this little guy!

    If you're looking for professional photos, my SIL swears by Portrait Innovations. A few other mommy-friends have used them for birthday photos and were very pleased with the sale photo packages.

    They have a website and they currently have a photo special for $9.99. Of course, that's only if you stick with one you have the willpower?

  2. Picture number two works for me. I especially think you should send it to his pre-school to let them know what you think of "no retakes".


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