Sunday, February 08, 2009

You know you want one.

Or two.

I know I do NOT want 8 (EIGHT!) dwarf hamsters!!!  What am I going to do with all of these?

I put an add on Petfinder and had Taylor ask a bunch of his friends if they would like a pet.  And I was hopeful for awhile.  He had 3 friends who were interested.  And all of their parents said no.  What?  I don't get it?  

So here I am begging, pleading, on my knees - please someone have pity on me these sweet little creatures who need a loving home.  


  1. I am allergic, sorry. But, do you have a pet store around there that you could take them to!? I know SOME pet stores take in animals. Maybe it's just for cats and dogs, but it's worth a call! Hope that helps. And, if not, I hope you can find them a good home.

  2. do you deliver??? They are really cute and I have a little girl that has been wanting one but I don't know she is ready to take care of it.


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