Sunday, February 15, 2009

Uncovered treasures

My spring cleaning kick is still going on.  A few days ago I cleaned the dining room and office carpet, which helped a little, but the carpet is still drab.  I would love to finish these rooms with hardwood - ah, a girl can dream.  

The boys, I think, have also gotten a taste of this cleaning trip I'm on.  Yesterday Taylor asked me if he could switch rooms with Luke because he thought Luke's room was bigger.  In reality it is only a few inches bigger but looks larger because he has less stuff in it.  Therefore, I declined his request.  Thus, Taylor got busy deep cleaning his room, especially his walk in closet.  He had piles of stuff out in the hallway of things he no longer wanted (or at least didn't want them stored in his closet.)  

I love it when I see my boys keep their rooms clean and organized.  They sure know how to make their mom happy.  

I was sorting through the piles of closet loot and came across a binder of old projects and papers from when Taylor was in kindergarten.  I hadn't seen these in 5 years and I enjoyed looking back and comparing his work to Carson's who is in kindergarten this year.  There is a huge difference - shocking.  Taylor's work was very neat and orderly where Carson's is full of explosive color that fills every inch of the page and the writing is chaotic.  It's amazing how opposite they really are, but I think it's precious.

I came across some really cute and funny papers that I have to share.  This is back when Taylor was learning how to spell phonetically - see if you can tell what he wants to be when he grows up:

It says When I grow up I want to be a . . . . Veterinarian because I like animals, although it could be mistaken for a vegetarian because I lick animals.   

This next one cracks me up too.  These fill in the blank papers are the best.   The kids were asked to complete the sentence, "I will say NO when . . ."  Here is what Taylor put.

"when someone tells me to shut-up while I was in Summer Bible Study."  

This is a little disturbing on a few levels.  First, what kind of kid goes to church and tells other kids to shut up?  Look at their faces - the one on the right a.k.a. the "bully" is all smiling and happy and the other three have shocked expressions on their faces.  Such detail for a 5 year old.   And second, what kind of church has a purple disco ball hanging from the ceiling?  I'm not sure what else that could represent.  I just wonder what was going through the teacher's mind when she was writing this down for Taylor.  

I am so glad I found these treasures - I'll be sure to hang on to these for a long time.

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