Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Oven Preheat

I can honestly say I have never (officially) participated in a WFMW (Works For Me Wednesday) post.  Sure, I have done my fair share of offering some tips and tricks, but to actually join the online community for the whole world to see has not occurred.  


But today I change all that and take a step forward with my brilliant subpar knowledge.  

And although this tip may not be earth shattering, it can shave a few minutes off your dinner preparation time.  

Let's say you have a regular conventional oven that may be a few years old, or maybe older.  If it's anything like mine it takes way too long to preheat, which drives me crazy.  Now if I was a bit better prepared I would remember to start the preheat cycle when I start getting dinner prepared, but remember folks, I have 3 boys, enough said.

Therefore, when it's time to cook my meal I have to sit around and wait for my oven to warm up to the appropriate temperature, and I am not a patient waiter.  

But here comes the tip, are you still with me here?  Bless your hearts.  

Instead of preheating it to the temperature you need to cook with, preheat on the broil option.  It takes much less time and you can have your dinner cooking sooner than later.  

One more tip - don't forget to change the temperature back down to the appropriate level before placing your dinner in the oven, otherwise you'll end up with some char-broiled chow.

And if that happens, my next tip is to have your local pizza delivery chain programed on speed dial. 


  1. Great tip, Lynette! I have a 1951 Magic Chef that came with the house. It still works!

    I'm also a cook that forgets to turn on the oven. Any tips on how to remind yourself to also turn it OFF?

  2. Dawn, get a little timer that clips to your clothes. Then you can't walk away and not hear the bell ring.

  3. I never thought about that! Makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great idea! I've had to resort to this with our "new" stove/oven that is not new. It came w/ the house and it is TERRIBLE. :(

    And whoa, am I behind! When did you change your blog? I noticed it wasn't the same on my blog roll in a while, and beginning to wonder if you were still blogging. Sorry!


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