Friday, February 27, 2009

What a difference.

When we first moved to Ohio I had to find a pediatrician right away.  The kids had to have updated doctor forms filled out in order to be registered for school.  Not knowing anyone, I had to rely on my own decision to pick a doctor.  I searched online for doctors within our insurance plan and played enie-meenie-miney-moe carefully choose one that seemed good. 

Note to self - never choose a doctor because their name sounds normal.

I have to give this doctor some credit, she was very friendly and nice and was able to get this out of Luke's nose.  But other than that, I don't think there were any other qualifications to make her fit into the doctor category.  

For example, I took Carson in because I thought he might have had pink eye the beginning of the school year.  I sat down with Carson next to me and started explaining his symptoms to the doctor; red eyes, goopy stuff on them, itchy, a minor cough, runny nose and so on.  I didn't want to leave any details out but my main reason was to get something to help him clear up the pink eye infection.  

The doctor without even looking at Carson whipped out her prescription pad and started writing scripts.  As she's writing she started talking about herself and her kids that are now grown up.  It was like social hour at the office.  I interjected and asked if she wanted to look at his eyes.  And she responded, (while still writing prescriptions) "nope - whatever he's got this ought to get rid of it."  

I kid you not.  

She handed me 3 prescriptions and started to get up to leave.  Before she walked out I asked what each one was for and if I really needed to fill all 3.  

One was for eye drop antibiotics to treat the pink eye - good.  

The 2nd was a liquid antibiotic to treat "whatever he's got" - what a way to narrow it down Doc.

And the 3rd was a cough medicine.  This is the one that got me - I mentioned he had a minor cough, but went into no other detail about it.  So I really didn't feel comfortable giving him that one and asked yet again if it was necessary.  And you know what she said, "It can't hurt to give it to him."  

On the way out the nurse handed me a 12 pack trial of Delsym cough medicine.  I walked out of that office and vowed never to return again.  I can't stand over medicating my children - it's borderline negligence what this doctor was doing.  It's like she had to hit a certain quota of med sales in order to make a living.  Wrong, so very wrong. 

So in the meantime, I got to know my neighbors with kids and wised up.  I called a few to find out who they use as a pediatrician and if they were really happy with their doctor.  I got some names and this time made an educated decision. 

Fast forward to this week:

A few days ago, Carson had a low grade fever and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get established at the new doctors office.  I made the appointment and we got in that day.  This new doctor was also friendly and nice, but the main difference was she made eye contact with me, talked to Carson, LOOKED in his mouth and ears and listened to his breathing - you know, all the things a normal doctor should do!  

And the outcome?  Most likely a viral infection which will clear up on it's own without medication.  


I did ask her what she recommended for his cough thinking she would say Delsym or some other otc cough syrup.  And surprisingly, she said the best cough "medicine" is honey or you can dilute even parts of honey, sugar and water.  Plus you can give it to your child every hour if needed since it's food.  

Double AMEN!  

I heart this new doctor.


  1. I heart your doctor, too!

    I've had too many bad docs in the past, but I'm thrilled with our pediatrician and I love my OB/GYN.

    I picked my OB because I liked her name, and I was lucky enough to get a doc that had 2 kids of her own and was willing to humor me and let me give birth without pain meds. She was always late, but she spent 30-60 minutes with me and my husband and each visit.

    Our pediatrician is my bonus daughters' doc, so we already knew her. She is fantastic! Too bad you're not an east-sider or I would have referred you to her.

    But if you ever think about having another baby, I know a great OB... :) wink!

  2. I can't believe your first doc - horrible. Seriously, what doctor doesn't even LOOK at the kid sitting there?

    So glad you've found a good one now!

    We swear by Vaporub on the bottom of the feet for coughs, even though there's no science to it...and we use honey, too!

  3. uh, honey to eat - not on feet :)


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