Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ever important phone book.

What do they call the age that we live in right now?  The information technology age?

To me that signifies our reliance on the mighty computer and the world wide web.  We have so much information right at our finger tips with the click of a mouse.

If that is the case, why in the world do they continue to mass produce and mass distribute thick productions of a phone book?  This I truly do not understand.  

It seems like every month a new book is delivered to my door.  And it's not just one company - there are several that print and deliver their own versions.  It is madness.  

So what do I do with my collection of white and yellow pages?  It's not like I'd actually use them for their intended purpose.  I give them to my kids to play with - makes perfect sense, no?

They make great booster seats at the kitchen table and wonderful step stools to reach the candy that mom put way up high.  They are also fun to stack up like hurdles and incorporate them into an obstacle course through the house.  If you angle them just the right way and get a good running start they make fantastic indoor surf boards across the carpet.  You can also line them up for a game of hopscotch or leapfrog.  

But in the end, where they really belong are in the recycle bin.  Sorry kids, the fun is over.  Mommy had to recycle your toys.      

But don't fret, I am sure a new delivery is getting ready to hit our doorstep any time.

(And yes, those are the majority of the phone books that have been delivered to our house in the past 6 months.)


  1. I'm with you on that one. Ours are a little smaller for a small town, but annoying nonetheless.

  2. Wow - we haven't gotten a phone book in ages! Crazy! I really appreciate all the creative ways you have used them though! Now I wish we had a couple....just for fun!

  3. I feel the same way about all the phone books I get. It is ridiculous how many trees they are killing to give us those books!! When we first moved in here we would get double of all of them b/c the lady who lived here had a business out of the house. Sure glad that stopped!!

    ps. I got my blog pages to finally work. Maybe it was just the night or something. Just wanted to let you know. Still needs some work, but hopefully soon (the next month or so) I can reveal it. ~Laura

  4. Little Ariel LOOOOVES to read phone books. It's her fave. She's a crazy girl.


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