Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check those receipts!

How many of you actually pay attention to the prices that are being scanned when you are at the check out of a store?  

Honestly, I am usually preoccupied with little fingers and hands that want to try and open the candy that they purposely place at little kids levels.  Therefore, I am not able to pay attention to the price that comes up on the register most of the time.  But usually when I get home, I scan over my receipt to verify everything looks good.  

At times I have been surprised by additional amounts that a clearance item has been discounted.  For instance I picked up a Star Wars action figure at our local Wal-Mart that was in the clearance aisle.  The sticker on it said $6.  Normally I would have put it back down, but Carson is a big Star Wars fan and I figured he would really like this Storm Trooper guy.  When I get to the register and they scan it the price was not $6, but in fact $1 as in ONE dollar.  Insane.  A few other clearance toys I found that day came out a few bucks cheaper too.  I felt great.  

Fast forward to today and I am not so happy, well, not initially.

I went to a club type warehouse store for the first time to try it out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the enormous selection of items they had to choose from.  This was like a Sam's Club and a Costco put together and then some.  The only way I was going to consider becoming a member was if they had Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  And wouldn't you know it, not only did they have my coffee, but they also offered it in decaf, not that I would ever buy decaf (what's the point of drinking coffee without caffeine?), but to see they had it as an option made me feel empowered.  (Little things make me happy people.)

I'm getting side-tracked here.  Back to my situation.

I was keeping my eyes open for a few Christmas grab bag gifts for our upcoming family gift exchange.  I came across a large selection of fragrances, as in cologne and perfume.  And when I say large, not only do I mean many to choose from, but these were the mac daddy, the super size of all fragrances.  Large people.  (3.4 oz to be exact.)  The sign was advertising them for $34.99.  What an incredible deal!  You can't even buy the 1.7 oz size for that price at a department store.  And let me add that these weren't your Old Spice, Stetson and Exclamation scents, we're talking brand name, ritzy stuff.  
I picked one up for a gift and as tempting as it was, I resisted buying one for myself.  But man, the deal!  Ugh.  

My cart was completely full at this time and I headed to the registers and started unloading.  Since I was the only one in line, the checker-outer person (sorry, not sure what the correct name for these people are) was scanning my items as I was placing them on the belt.  I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. 

I get home and the next day I check my receipt before I file it away.  I scan the price side for anything that might stand out and wouldn't you know it, a huge price smacked me right in the face.  To the tune of $65.99.  Oh, no way.  This is not cool.  Maybe I was delirious when I was shopping.  I know I was hungry (hence the full cart of mostly food), but I know I read that sign correctly.  

At this point I call the store, explain the situation and wait while they check the display.  Apparently this perfume is so fancy that the lady didn't even know what I was saying.  She tried repeating the name but all she came up with was "Gold Tray Cabana".  Not even close.  Dolce & Gabbana.  I had to spell it for her. 

She came back to the phone and said that the sign must not have been changed, but that since it was listed at that price that they would have to honor it and give me the wrongly advertised price.  


Now I better hurry back to see how many more I can get before they fix the sign!  Hehehe!!!       

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  1. Yes!!! I feel like I experience this often...and usually in the negative sense, getting charged more than what was advertised/displayed and it seems they don't always honor the other price, ugh. It's hard to pay attention constantly, isn't it? I try not to give the cashier a complex by constantly looking over his/her shoulder, but I'm also not going to pay more than I should! What a sweet deal you got, lucky girl!


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