Sunday, December 07, 2008

December = cookies

One of the things that come to mind in the month of December is cookies.  

Between the tree trimming, hanging of lights, and home decorating, Christmas cookies rank high for me in celebrating the season.  

I have always looked forward to cookie exchanges and receiving and exchanging cookies from neighbors and friends in the past.  

This year things are different.  I have no cookie exchanges lined up and we have new neighbors and friends that I don't think I would expect to bring me cookies nor would I expect them to accept mine. 

Therefore, instead of being all Scrooge-like, I wanted to share a great way to host a cookie exchange (even though I won't be actually doing this).  

Make a batch of your all time favorite Christmas cookie.  Depending on the number of people attending will determine how many you need to bake.  

Create decorative bags of 3 to 6 cookies for each person in attendance and include a bag to use as a taste tester.  

In or on the bag you should include the cookie's name and recipe.

Make sure your cookies are baked the same day or day before the party to ensure they are fresh.  And if you are the host provide appetizers and drinks or ask each person to bring one to share.  

Happy Holidays and enjoy those cookies!

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  1. Mmmm. I like cookies.

    I should get my kitchen back next weekend, then? I'm baking!

    Can you smell them baking yet? Mmmm.

    Now? I'm hungry. Sigh.


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