Sunday, December 28, 2008

The simple life

Christmas has come and gone and the flurry of the season seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  The many boxes and bows and packages opened was overwhelming as it is every year.  Sometimes having too much can make you long for simplicity.  

Today I reflect back on the simple things in my life that bring me joy.  Things that can’t be wrapped in pretty paper or bought in a store.    

  1. sunshine
  2. country roads
  3. watching snow flakes fall
  4. listening to thunderstorms
  5. playing games with my boys
  6. sharpened pencils
  7. hearing the words “I love you”
  8. baking and eating chocolate chip cookies
  9. playing frisbee and football
  10. dancing
  11. drinking coffee
  12. playing with a dog
  13. talking and laughing with family and friends
  14. finding money on the ground
  15. my favorite scents; lilac, pine, coconut, vanilla, fresh cut grass
I could go on and on and add more to the list.  

I am grateful for the simple things in life. 

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