Thursday, December 18, 2008


The other day was busy full of rushing here and there.  And for no particular reason.  I couldn't even use the excuse of last minute Christmas shopping because I wasn't even doing that.  

I had a lot of errands to run in a short amount of time.  Thankfully I only had one boy to drag around, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten much accomplished without pulling my hair out.  

So, by the time I got home and unpacked the piles of shopping bags and put things away, I sat down at the computer to check email and blogs.  

I guess I let the time slip away from me, and I probably shouldn't have been on the computer because the next thing I heard was the bus pulling into our subdivision.  

Carson hadn't even had lunch yet, and I had approximately 3 minutes from the time I heard the bus to the time it pulled up to our house to get him bundled up, fed and out the door.

I pulled out an Uncrustable (thank goodness I bought those) from the freezer while I frantically tried to help him get his shoes tied and coat situated.  

Here is the description from Smucker's about the Uncrustable: The perfect "grab-and-go" sandwich for families on the move. Simply keep them in the freezer, then pack them in your lunch in the morning. By lunchtime, Uncrustables® are thawed and ready to eat.

Okay - I needed the sandwich NOW, not thawed in time for lunch.  I needed to literally grab and go, like they said.  I opted to quickly (as in 30 seconds) defrost it in the microwave, which it said not to do on the box, but I was running out of options.  I could either let my kid go to school hungry, feed him a frozen pb&j, or attempt to defrost it in record time.  

I took the last option and was hand feeding him as we were running out the door and I saw the bus coming down the street.  

I realized why they recommend not using the microwave.  The inside turned to liquid and dripped all over my hand and the sidewalk.  Luckily, the dog was there to help clean it up.  Carson did his best to eat as quick as he could without choking - thankfully.  And he took his last bite as the bus stopped and opened its' doors.  

Whew - next time I need to be a bit more prepared. 


  1. Those "Uncrustables" are a great help when there's no time (or fresh bread) to make a sandwich but I agree, they shouldn't advertise it as a "grab and go" snack. It's more like grab and go, then wait a while before you eat. I realize this description doesn't quite have the same appeal but it's more accurate. :)

  2. I had the same problem, they are inconvenient!

    I just started keeping mine in the fridge, then they are thawed and ready whenever somebody needs one. So far, its worked out much better with the whole 'grab and go' thing!


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