Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My attempt at fashion

I'll admit that when it comes to fashion I don't consider myself to be a trendsetter.  When I shop I buy "safe" items.  What I mean is that I keep it simple and comfortable.  That's the way I like to live.  
On the other hand, I am all for trying out new looks, it's just that I just don't trust myself in the store.  My MIL has a great eye for fashion and I would have complete confidence with her picking out my wardrobe for the rest of my life if it came down to it.  She always seems to know what's in and cute.  And me, well, not so much.

For example, last year she gave me this adorable hat to wear during winter.  Now normally this is something I would have never picked out for myself to wear.  Initially I felt like it would make me feel silly.  But, I have seen other 'stars' pull off this look and it's cool.  But, could I pull it off with the same finesse as someone like Sarah Jessica Parker?  I have been told that I somewhat resemble her so I thought I could give it a shot.  
If you could have only been here to hear the comments from my boys, who, if I might add, should not be giving fashion advice to their mother unless it makes me want to hug them and not hurt them.

First, I come out to the kitchen and Luke is standing there staring at my head.  He started off sweet by saying, "Mom, I like your big hat."  But then he went on to say, "Is that a choo-choo one like Thomas?"  Now how could I get upset with a cute comment like that?  He thought I looked like a conductor.  Just call me Mrs. Topham Hat.

Then, I go out to the van where the rest of the boys are waiting for me.  Taylor just looks at me with a huge smile across his face trying so hard not to bust out laughing, but he couldn't resist.  He told me it looked "fluffy."

Carson just looked at me with an expression of who-are-you-and-what-did-you-do-with-my-real-mom look on his face?  Then he added, "Mom, you look like a zebra."  

I give up!  But I didn't give in.  "Deal with it," I told them.  "Today your mother is pulling off the  fluffy-zebra-choo-choo-hat fashion statement."

Then Jason came in the van, looked at me and said, "Nice hat."  

Smart man.


  1. i love it! i bought a cute hat last winter, and i haven't worn it yet...thanks for reminding me to get it out! of course, my hair was long last winter and it's not so much anymore, so i'll have to test it out.

    yeah, boys shouldn't be giving fashion advice for sure. they were wrong on this one.

  2. Looks cute and good for you for not giving in! I can't wear hats at.all. Not even baseball hats, so I am jealous that you can pull it off!

  3. I like it. I have a very round face and I'm not sure I can do hats. But I think I may try one this year, I'm getting old and this cold weather is getting to me.

    Oh, and tell your hubby to teach his boys how to talk to a lady. :)

  4. Typically,
    kids don't understand fashion. If something does not look right they will definately let you know.


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