Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's in your oven?

It's time to get serious people.  

I've made my list of Christmas cookies that I want someone to bake for me uh, I mean I want to shove in my mouth ok, fine, I want to bake.  

I've pulled out the recipes.  I've purchased the ingredients. 

The only thing that's missing. . . . .  


I love to bake - but I am overwhelmed.  I have 7 different cookies that I want to make this year. Five of which I am used to making and 2 that are new but sound wonderful.  In the past I have usually only made one or two and at different times, but I feel like I am ready to take on the task of multiple migraines cookie varieties.  

Can someone smack some sense into me please?

Here is the list of what sounded good at the time:
  •  wedding cake cookies
  • buckeyes
  • chocolate dipped Ritz
  • peanut butter blossoms
  • thumbprint cookies
  • choco-marshmallow cookies
  • the traditional Grandma's frosted sugar cookies
I know Santa is counting on me and I really hope I don't disappoint him and myself.  

(Note to self: purchase some Chips Ahoy as a backup plan.)

What cookies are you baking this holiday season?


  1. I vote for the chocolate dipped Ritz!!

    I have not baked at all yet, which is not usual for me.
    My 4yo and I normally do choc chip cookies, candy cane cookies, and either almond cookies or cocoa balls.

    I don't know if we'll get to ANY of those before Saturday! (when we leave for SC)

  2. i'm making sugar cookies (which i loathe making b/c of all the steps), the candy cane cookies i just blogged about, the "peanut butter blossoms" of course, and probably the peanut butter/chocolate ritz things. though a friend of mine swears by townhouse crackers....

  3. I'm coming to you house for some of those buckeyes!!


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