Monday, December 15, 2008

Creeps at Christmas

Tis the season to be scammed.  And I was almost a victim to it, but many red flags were popping up during my latest Craigslist sale.  Here are the actual emails between "Paul" and I.  You really can't trust anyone.  How very sad.

I will like to know if your items is available for sell
Thanks Paul

Yes, the table and chairs are still available.

Thanks for the prompt response  and i will love to make an instant purchase,so please do  
withdraw the advert from
craigslist,i don't mind adding an extra $50 for you to take  the 
advert down from the web site so that i can be rest assured that am in hand of the item.I 
would have loved to come take a look myself   but my son is going for kidney transplant in 
few days and i have to do all the running around as my wife is so scared,i am sure you 
understand. I will also like you to know that i will be paying via  a check,and it will be 
overnight payment due to the distance .You don't need to bother your self with the shipment 
,i will take care of that.So i will need you to provide me with the following information to 
facilitate the mailing of the check.
1.Your full name
2.Your mailing address be it residential 
3.Your phone #.
**Once again ,I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping i will 
have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check**
Have a nice day Paul

Hi Paul.  I generally don't like to accept personal checks, but am willing to take a cashier's check.  Would that be okay?  Here is my information....

Yes it will be Cashier Check Okay I want you to understand that the deal as my  secretary as posted the payment already, but there was a slight error i guess we can handle with care, instead of the actual amount  $500 for the item,she made out the check for $1700  she claim that was what i requested  but she didn't get that straight.So once you have the check please cash it and  deduct the money for your goods plus $100 that for your run around expenses.The excess fund should please be sent to my mover via western union,this fund will be use in offsetting the cost of the shipment he as undertaken  for me recently.**Please email at once to let me know that i can trust to have the excess funds sent to my mover** 

You know what - this sounds really suspicious to me.  I do not feel comfortable continuing with this transaction.  

From there I attached a list of scams and common sense rules that I found on Craigslist to show him I knew he was trying to scam me.  

I followed up with a phone call to the police department to file a complaint.  They sent an officer to the house and I printed off the emails for him to review. As I was printing them Mr. Paul yet AGAIN sends me another email which reads:

Am sorry but he made a mistake he was suppose to send you  your money and issue check to the mover but he issue everything on your name that's why Okay....The check is on the way to you 

I showed the officer and he decided he wanted to email this guy back.  Here is what the officer emailed him from my computer.

Mr. Paul Cool,
This is patrolman K.  with the **** Police Dept.  The resident here suspects that you may be a scam artist, and after reading your emails, i suspect you are as well.  I have your information and will be forwarding it to our detectives, as well as the FBI and SSI to investigate you.  You are hereby being formally advised to cease contact with this email address and please do not attempt to call or come by this residence or we will be forced to pursue menacing by stalking charges against you.  If you have any questions, please contact me at the **** Police Dept. Thank you and have a nice day!

Looking back on this whole ordeal there were many things that stood out to me.
  • The broken English and misspellings 
  • His son having a kidney transplant (seriously? come on now!)
  • Paying me extra money to take down my listing
  • The secretary's "error" of writing the check for $1,200 over the actual sales price
  • The secretary having a sex change from female to male
  • Again, offering to pay me an extra $100 for my "run around expenses"
  • Not being able to meet in person
  • Requesting me to wire him the excess funds via Western Union  
Sorry dude, you're out of luck!  

I hate creeps, especially at Christmas.  Go find a legitimate way to make money.


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  1. Wow. That's kinda scary. Good for you for taking it in hand and calling the police. Wow - that's all I can think of! Wow!


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