Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The morning bounce surprise

Yesterday I told the kids I had a surprise for them and they would have to get up earlier than normal.  I wouldn't give any other clues except they had to wear socks and their Brown's jerseys (along with the rest of their clothes, of course).

If anyone listens to the local Cleveland radio station Q104 they might know what I am talking about.  They had their first annual Inflatable Christmas at Bounce City which is a place to take your kids and they can jump, slide, and play on various inflatable apparatus. 

We arrived at 8:30 am.  The station was broadcasting live from Bounce City, there was food, AND they had guest appearances by a few Cleveland Brown's football players.  I had my fingers crossed for Brady Quinn, but he didn't show up.  Darn-it!   (Did you know we live less than 6 miles away from him?)  Darnell Dinkins was there along with Josh Cribbs.  

The boys couldn't believe they got to meet real NFL football players.  We even got a picture with Josh Cribbs and he autographed the boys jerseys.  It was a fun and memorable day.  All for a $5 donation.  What a deal!  


  1. You're the best mom EVAH!

    Love the pictures, too. Looks like the boys had an awesome time.


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