Friday, December 12, 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time

The Christmas cards have all been sent.  They should be rolling into mailboxes right around now.  And I am a bit apprehensive.

Remember this post?

Well, I had a few commenters say that it should be my card this year.  And I thought, yeah that would be comical - it represents the true battle it can be to get my kids to cooperate, plus it shows that I'm not perfect nor is our family.  (Not that I'm out to prove anything.)  

But, it's a glimpse of reality and I know it will make a few people laugh.  But I also know it will make a few people shake their heads and question my sanity.  "If you know me, you'll get it" is what I told my husband as he stood looking at me and shaking his head.  I could tell he was dissin my choice of greeting card.  

And that made me feel embarrassed and regretful.  Embarrassed because I didn't ask for his opinion before I went ahead and placed the order, and regretful because, did I really want this card to portray us, especially during the holiday season?  

So, you want to know how I remedied the situation?  
I ordered another set of cards, this time using a picture of the boys where they actually seem like they are happy to be together.  

Luckily, I had not sealed the envelopes and I was able to put both cards in together.  So, it's a double Christmas card from Lynette3boys and family this year.  Yee-haw!

Here are the actual cards:
The wording says, "May love, peace and joy fill your home.  Cheers! Love, The (Lynette3boys) Family"

You have to admit, the irony of it is really funny. 

And here is the more traditional card.  Please excuse Luke in his pajamas and the lack of clothing coordination.  We didn't get all dressed up for this photo shoot.  Maybe that's why they're smiling!

The wording says, "May peace and love unite us all. Love, Taylor, Carson and Luke The (Lynette3boys) Boys"

Obviously I left out our last name for security purposes, it's not really Lynette3boys.  Duh! 

So, what do you think?  


  1. i think it's hilarious that you made the first one! but the second one is cute, too. i definitely think people will laugh when they open the card.

  2. I totally would have gotten the joke on the first one! And besides, you looked HAWT in the pic!!!

    Every mom has been there. I finally gave up on trying to get the shop because they always turned into a tear fest and just use a shot that I've snapped sometime that year, this year my kids are in bathing suits, so I'm definately not too picky!


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